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Do you want to start your own travel agency then it is very essential to know about the complete software solution for the travel business?

In this article, I will explain you, complete software solution system which will help you to run travel business successfully. But before starting about software solutions, I would like to discuss the travel business.

What is Travel Business and How it Works?

In the travel business, travel agents offer you multiple services like flight ticket booking, bus ticket booking and hotel ticket booking using travel software.

We can confirm our booking online by using this software. This is the new age of technology, which helps you to enhance your business awareness and reach very easily and fast.

This travel portal is integrated by multiple travel software API which enabled you to use all the services under a single roof.

As an agent, you can offer multiple travel services to your customers by using a single travel portal. This helps you to manage multiple services at a single place.

How Can You Start Your Own Travel Agency

To start a travel agency or business first you have to choose your niche in which you want to start your travel business. It must be a flight booking, bus booking, hotel booking or all in one. After deciding the niche, you have to choose your brand name. This is a very important step so you have to choose it wisely because this is your business name so it must reflect your business idea.

After selecting the name you have to complete all legal formalities which are following.

· Company Registration

· GST Number

· Tin Number

· Domain Registration

· Web Hosting

After completing all legal activities, now you required a travel portal to start a travel agency. This is the most important element of your business, without this it is impossible to start a travel business. Although, this is a very important part of this business, so, the selection of travel software also very important task.

I will suggest you take this step very wisely if you really want to run a successful travel business. There are many software development companies in India who offer travel software but I would like to suggest you choose the best travel portal provider company in India. This will help you to run your business successfully.

If you choose an average travel portal just to save some money, it may cost you very high in the future, so take the decision very wisely.

What is Travel Portal and its Features?

Travel portal is the web-based online ticket booking solution for travel agents. This is the new age of technology in the field of the travel business. This make is very easy and wide to use. Now agents can enhance their business boundaries and customers also have the multi choice to booking as per their choices and budget.

So, in short, we can say the travel portal is like an evolution in the field of the online travel industry. There are some following features which make this travel portal more unique and effective.

1. Flight Booking

2. Hotel Booking and Reservation

3. Online Bus Booking and Reservation

A travel portal has all the above features to make it very beneficial.

· Flight Booking

Travelers can book the flight by destination, date and time of travel, travel class and no. of seats. Travel portal allows travelers to filter flights by date, place, company, class, and fairs. This flight ticket booking software allows payment gateway system by using they can pay online by credit or debit card. Along with this they can create their accounts and load their wallet and can pay using a wallet at the time of signup.

The traveler gets flight confirmation by mail and SMS. Admin also has all the flight booking details in the panel.

· Hotel Booking and Reservation

For travelers, a good travel portal would provide a platform to search for the best hotels at his chosen place. Travelers can find hotels by using the filter and can booking online. Multi-hotel choices make easy to choose the best one for the traveler.

He can make online reservation by date and time and can pay as per hotel norms.

· Online Bus Booking and reservation

Using a travel portal, travelers can find out bus status of multi operators. They can choose their best bus by using the filter and can choose their favorite seats as per the availability. Using bus booking software, travelers can make an online reservation. After confirming the booking, they will get confirmation details by mail and SMS.


So now you know what travel business is and how you can start your own travel agency. Choose the best travel portal provider company to start a travel agency. I hope this software solution guide for the travel business will help you to understand the travel agency and business.

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