Which is the Best Travel Portal for Online Booking?

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Are you looking for the best travel portal for the online ticket booking business then this article is very helpful for you?

If you visit the market, you will find, there are a number of companies which offers a travel portal. In this situation how will you decide which is the best travel portal development company?

This article will help you to find out the best travel portal for your online ticket booking business. Here I will tell you which company offers you the best travel portal. But before this, we will discuss what is travel portal and how can you start your own travel portal at low investment in India.

What is Travel Portal?

Travel portal is a type of software which offers an online platform for the travel industry. This is the one-stop solution for all travel services like online ticket booking, reservation etc. It is an online booking engine facility for b2b, b2c travel portals.

Travel Portal Services

By using travel portal services you can offer multi-services to your customers which are following.

1. Bus Booking Software

By using the bus booking software you can offer all route bus booking service to your customers. Today bus reservation system is in trending. You can offer a wide range of bus booking and bus reservation services to your customers and can earn the highest commission on all the bookings.

Most of the companies using the latest technology and features to offer the best services so that travel agents and companies can generate high revenue. Development of bus booking app is the revolution in the way of the travel industry. Now by using the bus booking app, you can boost your business visibility and sales vertically.

Although bus booking software is based on the latest technology, you have a wide range of bus search options using advanced filters. Here you have a multi-payment option via wallet, net banking, credit card, and debit card. After booking confirmation admin and agents can check details in Inbox whereas customer gets the mail or SMS for booking confirmation.

2. Flight Booking Software

This is another service or we can say part of the travel portal. By using flight booking software you can offer domestic and international flight booking service to your customers and can earn the highest commission.

Flight booking software is quite similar to bus booking software. Here you can book all domestic and international flights. Here are thousands of search options for flights of different operators. You can search the best flight by using advanced filter options based on operator, time, date, place and price.

There is a safe payment gateway option which builds the trust of customers on the portal. There are b2b and b2c flight booking portals which you can use to boost your business sales.

3. Hotel Booking Software

Hotel booking software is the online hotel booking platform where you can make online hotel booking easily. By using hotel booking software you can offer all domestic and international hotel booking services to your customers. There is a wide range of hotel booking options. You can search for the best hotel by using advanced filter options based on time, place, brand, category and price.

Customer can check hotel details, reviews and many other details on the portal so that they can make the decision for the hotel booking.

You can book domestic and international hotels at a low price compared to others and can earn the highest commission.

Best Travel Portal Provider Company in India

Ezulix software is one of the best travel portal provider companies in India. We offer the best travel portal for the travel agents and travel companies so that they can boost their business revenue incredibly.

Our skilled and experienced developer’s team created this customized and modernized travel portal which is based on latest technology and complete clients requirement. Our new travel portal is the one-stop solution for bus, flight and hotel booking. You can offer all these services under a single roof and can boost your business sale.

Our travel portal is developed with master API integration to offer you high-quality service. We used a secure payment gateway API to remove all payment problems. After the complete development process, we create this travel portal which is excellent in service, with Zero problems.

How Can You Start Your Own Travel Portal at Low Invest

You can start your own travel portal with us at low investment and can earn the highest commission in the market. To start a business with us, you have to apply for the LIVE DEMO. Our executives contact you and offer manual training of portal so that you can understand the complete portal and business. This will help you to use it at an optimum level.

After training, we create travel portal with your brand name. We offer you stander b2b, b2c travel portal. Now you are ready to create authorized travel agents all over India. You can create agents as master distributor, distributor, and retailer all over India.

You have a wallet in your portal and we offer you settlement and you further distribute the settlement to your downline. Whenever an online booking is done, you and your down-line earn the commission.


Here we discussed travel portal and its services. Then we learn which company offers the best travel portal in India and how can you start your own travel portal in India at low investment. So why are you waiting for?

Start your own travel portal with Ezulix and create authorized travel agents all over India and earn lots of bucks.

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