What are the Services Provided by a Travel Portal Development Company?

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Before discussing the services provided by a travel portal development company, first, we will talk about what is a travel portal and what is the use of it in our life.

Basically travel portal is software or we can say an online platform which offers you a one-stop solution for all travel services like hotel booking, bus booking, and flight booking. By using the travel portal you can use all these services under a single roof.

So we can say this is a great revolution in the field of the travel industry. By using a travel portal you can control all travel services by a single key.

Services of Travel Portal

By using a travel portal you can offer all the following services-

1. Bus Booking Service

2. Flight Booking Service

3. Hotel Booking Service

So by using the travel portal, you can offer all the above services to your customers online. Travel portal provides you an online platform where you can enjoy all travel solution at one place. Now we will discuss briefly all the services and how they work.

1. Bus Booking Services

You can use bus booking services by using bus booking software integration in your travel portal. By using bus booking software you can offer all route bus booking facility, online bus reservation facility, bus route details and bus seat booking details to your customers. This is the best bus booking tool for travel agents.

2. Flight Booking Service

By using flight booking software, you can offer a one-stop solution for all domestic and international flight booking service to your customers. There are ample of unique features in flight ticket booking software which helps travelers to find out and book the best flight in their budget.

3. Hotel Booking Service

You can offer online hotel booking services to your customers by using hotel booking software. Here you can provide one-stop online hotel booking solution for all domestic and international hotels. By using advanced search features you can find out the best hotel as per your choice and budget.

So here we discussed all the services which you can enjoy by using a travel portal.

How to Open a Travel Agency in India?

I will suggest you, before starting a travel agency in India, must research the market and every small detail about the travel business. After all the research, you have to choose the name of your company or brand which you want to launch in the market.

After selecting the name, you have to complete some legal formalities which is mandatory for all the business which are following-

1. Company name registration

2. Get GST number

3. Get TIN number

4. Domain name registration

5. Web hosting or server

After completing all these legal formalities now you require a travel portal for travel agency. This is a very important step, which you must take very wisely. You must choose the best travel portal development company in India for your business.

I would like to suggest you Ezulix Software for a travel portal. This is the best travel portal development company in India. You can start your business with Ezulix and can earn the highest commission in the market.

We offer you a stander travel portal which is based on the latest technology. You work as admin and you can create unlimited travel agents all over India. You and your members manage a single wallet for all the services. We provide you fund in your wallet and your forward this fund to your members. Whenever any booking is done by a customer, you and your members earn the commission on each and every online booking.

There are many features in travel portal which help you to monitor and boost your travel business. Along with travel portal, we offer you a free mobile app which is synced by a travel portal. This is the best solution to boost your travel business 3X times.

For more details about travel portal and business visit my blog or apply for free LIVE DEMO.

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