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Do you want to start your own shopping websites like Amazon, Flipkart, and e-bay and looking for best e-commerce web portal provider company then this article is only for you?

Here I will tell you what is e-commerce shopping website or portal and which company offers you the best e-commerce shopping portal.

So first we will learn about e-commerce shopping portal.

The e-commerce shopping cart is the software package. It accepts customer’s payments, their shipping information and forwards these details to merchants for further process.

Ezulix software is the best e-commerce portal development company in India. We offer the best ecommerce web design and development solutions for all types of organization. Our skilled and highly experienced technical team created this modernized ecommerce shopping portal to fulfill your business requirements. We are the best ecommerce website design and ecommerce application development company.

Nowadays we know online ecommerce presents great benefits for us. This is very beneficial for both buyers and sellers. By using e-commerce shopping portal a seller can sell his items all over the world whereas buyers can get all the products at home without going anywhere. Here buyer has multiple choices for a single product. He can choose the best products and can get worth back of his money. So we can say ecommerce shopping portal is the most trending topic at the present time.

Ezulix online ecommerce shopping portal is multi-featured. By using our ecommerce shopping software you can offer single vendor and multi-vendor services.

In a single vendor, you can sell all your individual products and can earn the commission. Here you upload all the products in the portal whereas in the multi-vendor portal you can start work with multiple sellers. They can upload their products.

Here you work as admin and your sellers work as sub-admin. They have to create an account with complete personal and bank details. After confirming e-KYC they can upload the products. As an admin, you have the authority to accept or reject products as per the category. You can create categories.

You can add to multiple sellers in your online shopping portal. When a customer orders for a product, the seller gets the shipping information. After the delivery of products, the seller gets the amount with earning a commission. So this is the brief process of ecommerce shopping portal.

If you want to start your own brand shopping portal then this is a great opportunity for you. Ezulix software is offering up to 20% discount on online e-commerce portal. So why are you waiting for?

Start your own brand shopping portal with Ezulix and earn the highest commission in the market today.

To start a business with Ezulix, you have to apply for the LIVE DEMO. Our executives directly contact you and offer you manual training of portal so that you can understand the business and portal. This will help you to use it at an optimum level.

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