How to do Video KYC | Step by Step Guide

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I know you all are so exciting to know about video KYC. This is a great way to Identify your member’s authenticity. Here we will learn step by step process of the video KYC.
So without wasting time, I come to the point. If you want to learn more about video KYC meaning, its advantage and features check out this article Updated Ezulix Admin Portal with Video KYC (New Feature).

Video KYC Process- Step by Step

Members can verify themself by following all the below steps.

  1. Download your admin app and apply for video KYC
  2. Fill your mobile no. linked with legal documents
  3. You will get OTP
  4. Fill OTP and press next
  5. Scan your legal document (any of one)
  6. After scanning press next for authentication
  7. Now you have to authenticate through face detection
  8. If authentication succeeds, your KYC approved
  9. Details will go forward to admin
  10. Now member all eligible to use services

So by using all these steps you can do video KYC easily. This facilitates you to identify the real authenticity of your members. It helps to prevent fake members and fake transactions.

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