Get One Stop Solution for Mobile Recharge & Bharat Bill Payment System

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one-stop solution for mobile recharge & BBPS

Start Recharge Portal with Mobile Recharge & BBPS Services

But before discussing these topics, first, we will discuss these services one by one. This will help you to understand the services and business.

So without wasting time, we start first about mobile recharge software and services.

Mobile Recharge Software, Services and Business

Mobile Recharge Business

Earlier this system was based on the LAPU system but now it works on mobile recharge software and integrated API’s.

Mobile Recharge Software

So in short, mobile recharge software is the software which is used to perform mobile recharges of different operators using multiple mobiles recharges API.

Mobile Recharge Services

· Prepaid Mobile Recharge

· Postpaid Mobile Recharge

· Land-line Mobile Recharge

· Data Card Recharge

· DTH Recharge

So by using this mobile recharge software, you can offer all this service to your customers.

So this is all about mobile recharge software, services, and business. Now we turn towards Bharat bill payment system.

Bharat Bill Payment System, Services and Business

BBPS Software and Business

This is the fastest, safe and secure payment module by NPCI. By using this system you can offer bill pay services to your customers with instant confirmation details.

BBPS Services

· Electricity Bill Pay

· Gas Recharge

· Telecom Recharge

· DTH recharge

· Water recharge

So you can offer all the above services, by using this BBPS software. So now you know about mobile recharge and BBPS software, services and business. But now question is that how can we get one stop solution for these services.

Best Portal Provider Company for Mobile Recharge and BBPS

Our new recharge portal is fully customized and based on the latest technology. By using this recharge portal you can offer all the services very easily with the highest success ratio. The new portal is a fully user-friendly system and works smoothly. If you even don’t belong to the technical background, you can use this system very easily.

How Can You Start Business with Ezulix Software

If you are really looking to start your own business at your small shop then you can contact us today and start your own business. You can put your query on this contact form which you will get after clicking on contact us.

We offer you a proposal for your required services which you want to start. If you like proposal you can apply for the LIVE DEMO which helps you to understand the services and portal.

But before start business, you have to do some legal formalities which are following-

· Register Firm Name

· Get GST Number

· Get TIN number

· Get Domain Name

· Get Web Hosting

After completing all these legal formalities, now you are ready to start your business with us. We create a website portal for you and integrate it with your all desired service which you want to offer.

So by using the API integration, you can offer both the services by using a single portal. Although we offer you stander software, you can add on unlimited services to your portal by API integration. We offer you this service totally free for a lifetime.

But now the biggest question which may be coming in your mind is like everything is ok but what is our benefit?

By offering these services, you earn a commission on each and every service. Ezulix software offers you best commission in the market so this is a great opportunity to start a business with us.

As I told you we offer you stander software, you can add on multiple services to your portal which is following and can earn more commission.

· Aadhaar Enabled Payment System

· Money Transfer Service

· Pan Card Service

· mPOS Service

· Bus Booking Service

· Flight Booking Service

· Hotel Booking Service

· School Management Software

· Prepaid Card Service

So by using our stander portal you can add on all the above services and can earn the highest commission in the market.

Here you work as an Admin, and you can create your downline in all over India as –

· Master Distributor

· Distributor

· Retailer

As an admin, you have total control on your downline. You can check the details of your downline. Here we provide you balance in your e-wallet and your further distribute in your downline and earn a commission.


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