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What is AEPS Settlement?

To understand the logic of the AEPS settlement, we have to go through the AEPS process. Basically AEPS service is used to withdraw cash. Whenever any customer does AEPS service for cash withdrawal, amount transfer from customers account’s to merchants account or we can say AEPS wallet and merchant provide them cash amount. If you are in this industry, you definitely understanding, what I am talking about.

So now the merchant has a big amount on AEPS wallet. Now he needs to take this amount into the bank. The process of transferring amount from AEPS wallet to the main bank account is known as AEPS settlement.

Use Ezulix Xpress Payout for Instant Settlement (24*7)

I would like to suggest you choose best AEPS service provider company in India that offer the best AEPS service with real-time AEPS settlement.

Ezulix software is the best AEPS service provider company in India over the last few years. Our skilled and experienced professionals team developed an updated AEPS portal with the Xpress payout feature.

If you start work with Ezulix AEPS, this feature will help to attract more customers. By using the Xpress payout service, now you members can take instant AEPS real-time settlement at any time. Now they don’t have to wait for settlement approval.

They can transfer AEPS wallet fund any time into the main bank account. So we can say this is a great feature which helps you to settle your fund anytime.

For more details visit my blog or directly contact our executives for a free live demo.

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