Ezulix AEPS Service Facts, Objectives & Services

aeps banking service
aeps banking service

What is AEPS Banking?

In easy language, AEPS banking services is the best cashless transaction service now a day which allows all bank customers to use basic banking activities using Aadhaar card and fingerprint authentication. To use AEPS services, the customer’s Aadhaar card must be linked with an Individual bank account. If customers Aadhaar card does not link with a bank account, he/she cannot use AEPS banking services.

So here we learn, what AEPS banking is, but the point is what the objectives of AEPS banking are?

Why did this service start?

To understand this, we have to study about objectives of AEPS banking.

What are the Objectives of AEPS Banking?

  • To empower banking customers to use Aadhaar card as Identity to access bank account to use basic banking activities
  • AEPS banking provides the facility to use banking services in the rural area where banks are unable to reach
  • It provides safe and secure banking transactions under NPCI
  • It offers centralized banking transaction under the eyes of RBI and NPCI which leads eliminate storage of black money
  • To fulfill the goal of the government of India (GOI) and National payment corporation of India (NPCI) in furthering financial inclusion
  • Help in creating a cashless society in India

So these are the main objectives of AEPS banking which helped inborn it.

What are the Main Services of AEPS Banking?

  • Cash Deposit
  • Fund Transfer
  • Balance Enquiry
  • Cash Withdrawal

You can use all these services using Aadhaar card and biometric authentication. Use all these services by visiting your nearest business correspondent or AEPS service provider. You can also start your own AEPS business and can be an AEPS service provider in your area.

Get complete knowledge here about AEPS.

Which is the Top AEPS Service Provider Company?

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