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Are you an owner of a small retail shop and want to boost your earnings but don’t have idea what to do then this article is only for you? Here I will tell you about the most trending business idea which you can start with a small investment and can earn the highest profit. Keep tuning with me till the end if you are really interested to enhance your income.

As we know today most of the transactions are cashless under digital India project. Before some time, the Indian government created our Aadhaar cards as the biggest identity of individuals and connected them to our individual bank accounts. In short now by using our aadhaar card, we can use basic banking activities without going bank or ATM, this service is known as AEPS service. AEPS stands for aadhaar enabled payment system, in which a person whose bank account connected to aadhaar card, can enjoy basic banking transactions without going bank or ATM.

You can start your own AEPS service at your small retail shop and can earn the highest commission on each and every AEPS service. But now the question is this, how you will start.

Don’t worry keep reading till the end to learn how can you start your own AEPS service at your shop and can earn a commission.

To start AEPS service at your small retail shop, you need an AEPS Software with Integrated AEPS API. There are many companies in India who can provide you AEPS software with integrated API of any bank. But I will suggest you; take this step very wisely, because this will decide your business future. You must choose best AEPS API service Provider Company in India. This will help you to offer the best service to your customers, in short, this will help in your business success.

If I talk about the commission on AEPS services, then Yes bank gives the highest commission on AEPS services. So this will be a great opportunity for you if you can get AEPS API of Yes bank.

Here we will discuss the services which you can offer by using AEPS software. You can offer multiple services to your customers by using AEPS software which is following.

· Cash Deposit

· Cash Withdrawal

· Fund Transfer

· Balance Enquiry

You can offer all the above services to your customers and can earn a commission on each and every transaction.

To get Yes bank AEPS API, you required many documentation and legal formalities which are impossible for a person who runs his retail shop. Now question is that how will you get this?

There are many companies who have collaboration with Yes bank. They can offer you AEPS software with integrated Yes bank AEPS API. So by this method, you can get Yes bank AEPS API and can run your own AEPS service business.

Ezulix software is one of the best AEPS software service provider company in India who provides AEPS software with Yes bank AEPS API integration. You can start your own business with Ezulix and can earn the highest commission with Yes bank AEPS services.

Ezulix AEPS software is fully customized software which is based on the new latest technology. There are some following reasons which help you to start work with Ezulix AEPS Software.

· Fast & Secure System

· User-Friendly

· Easy to use for non–tech person

· Real-time settlement in e-wallet

· Log in & log out for security

· SMS alert for the transaction report

· Complete details of the transaction at the panel

· Full control on down-line

· Higher success ratio

· Free API integration charge

· Multiservice Integration facility

· Free Mobile app for AEPS service

So these are some points which help you to understand this system.

So here we learn how you can start AEPS service at your small retail shop. Ezulix software offers you the best AEPS software in India. This is a brief study of Ezulix AEPS software. You can apply here for FREE DEMO. Here we will provide you free demo of our software so that you can understand it completely. Here, our executives clear all your doubts and queries. So why are you waiting for?

Start your own AEPS service with Ezulix Software and maximize your earnings today.

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