How to Start Cash Withdrawal Service Easily using AEPS (Ways)

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Here I will describe to you how can you start your own cash withdrawal service using AEPS. Here we will discuss different ways to start a cash withdrawal business through AEPS. But before starting this, we will discuss AEPS.

What is AEPS Service?

AEPS stands for Aadhaar enabled payment system. This is a cashless transaction service that is started and driven by NPCI (national payment corporation of India). AEPS service allows all the bank customers to use basic banking services using 12 digital Aadhaar card number and fingerprint authentication.

In short, we can say, if your bank account is linked with your Aadhaar card, then you can use basic banking activities without using ATM or remembering any PIN. You can use all these services using your Aadhaar card and fingerprint authentication.

This is a great initialization by the Indian government to stop black money and create a cashless society in India. AEPS service allows you to visit anywhere without carrying cash. This is the most trending cashless transaction service now a day in India.

By using Aadhaar card number, you can use all basic banking services like –

1. Cash Deposit

2. Cash Withdrawal

3. Money Transfer

4. Balance Enquiry

You can use all these services by using AEPS. Today we will discuss cash withdrawal service in brief.

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How to Withdrawal Cash Using AEPS?

· Visit to your nearest AEPS service provider and provide 12 digit Aadhaar card number and name linked with your bank account

· Choose cash withdrawal as transaction service

· Provide verification through fingerprint authentication

· After confirmation these information goes to NPCI and if all the requirements are legal and correct traction takes place

· Amount transfer from your account to agent account and you get cash by an agent or bank correspondence

· Don’t forget to receive a receipt of the transaction

So by using this method, you can withdrawal cash using AEPS service. This is a new age of cashless transactions where you can withdrawal money without visiting ATM or bank or without remembering any PIN or OTP.

How You Can Start AEPS Business with Small Investment?

So here we learned how can you withdrawal money using AEPS service. Now we will discuss how you can use this opportunity as a business. You can start your own brand AEPS business and can create an unlimited AEPS service provider all over India.

So If you are planning to start your own business, It can be a great business startup opportunity for you. To start AEPS business, you don’t require being from a technical background, you can start this business easily with a small investment and can make it a handsome source of Income.

To start AEPS business, first, you require an AEPS portal, through which you can offer AEPS service to your members. There are many AEPS portal provider companies in India which claim to be best. I would like to suggest you choose the best AEPS Service Provider for your business. Because if you choose the best APES service provider, It will help you to get success at every step. So keep this step very carefully.

Which is the Best AEPS Service Provider Company in India?

Ezulix software is one of the best AEPS service provider company in India. If you are planning to start your own brand AEPS business in India at low investment and looking for the AEPS portal then this is for you.

We provide you advanced AEPS portal with the latest features. You can start your AEPS business with the Ezulix AEPS portal and can create unlimited members all over India. To start a business with Ezulix, apply for a free LIVE DEMO. Our executives contact you and provide you with a live demo so that you can understand the portal and business.

We are the best AEPS software provider and offer the best commission in the market. Along with this, we provide you the best service so that you can offer better service to your members and can build trust.

Why Ezulix AEPS Portal is Best for Your AEPS Business?

· Our portal is fully customized & based on the latest technology

· Its fast, safe & secure

· Integrated with Yes bank AEPS API

· Use micro ATM service for cash withdrawal

· Payout service for direct settlement for agents

· 100% transaction success ratio

· Portal is user-friendly & SEO friendly

· We have used critical coding to make its interface & navigation smooth

· We provide you lifetime free support service for your business

· Along with web, we offer you mobile app integrated with AEPS portal

So these are some points which can help you to choose the best solution for your business. Along with AEPS, you can add-on money transfer software, mobile recharge software, Bharat bill payment system and pan card service in the AEPS portal and can boost your earnings easily.


So here we learn what is AEPS service and how can you start your own AEPS business with Ezulix and how can you make it a handsome source of Income.

For more details visit my blog or directly contact our executives for a free LIVE DEMO.

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