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What is Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS) & Cashless India?

After demonetization, Indian government emphasis on digital India or cashless India concepts to stop black money problem. By keeping this in mind, Indian government starts many services. Aadhaar enabled payment system is one of them. This service is basically started for those ruler area people, who don’t use smartphones and credit or debit cards. By using this service they can perform banking activities, by using aadhaar card number and biometric authentication.

How Does Aadhaar Enabled Payment System work?

· To use this service first you have to go to your nearest mini banking service provider or bank correspondent

· You provide you aadhaar card number to BC

· After providing unique Identity card number, you have to select any one action you want to perform

· After this you have to provide your thumb impress by using a biometric machine, this thumb impression works as a password or pin here

· All submitted details forward to NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India) and after successful cross check, an action is performed

·, At last, you got the slip of your transaction

· So this is the basic process of aeps which is done by aeps software

So by using this above method you can use aadhaar enabled payment system service and enjoy this.

Features and Benefits of Aadhaar Enabled Payment System

Features of Aadhaar Enabled Payment System

· This service is safe & secure

· Easy to Use

· Rapid and Loyal

· Login & Log Out System

· Individual registration system

· 3D code verification

· OTP system integration

· Secure payment gateway by Stander Integration API

· Human verification by using Captcha in aeps app

Benefits of Aadhaar Enabled Payment System

· It promotes cashless transaction (Cashless India) concept

· You can use banking actions without going bank or ATM

· You can use cashless money without using ATM or bank

· You can withdrawal money, from anywhere, anytime

· You can perform banking action after closing banks

· It provides safe, secure and quick transaction

· You can perform banking actions without using ATM and credit or debit card

So these are some benefits of aadhaar enabled payment system which help us to use this service.

What is Mini Banking Business?

But one question is striking in your mind that how can you start your own mini banking business and what its benefits?

So keep tuning with me, here I will tell you how can you start your own mini banking business.

How Start Mini Banking Business

If I talk about the lowest level you just required a smartphone and a biometric machine which is connected to aeps software.

By offering this service to your customer’s, you can earn a commission on each transaction.

Which is The Best AEPS Service Provider Company India?

· Admin

· Master- Distributor

· Distributor

· Retailer

You can start your own business at any level according to your investment capability.

We offer you stander AEPS software where you work as Admin. Here you create your master distributor, distributor, and retailers. Our aeps software is fully customized and based on latest technology. Our experienced technical team recently launched new aeps software which based on clients requirement.

Along with aeps software, we offer you manual training process so that you can understand the panel completely and can use it at an optimum level.

How to Earn More Commission or More Money

· Mobile Recharge Software

· Money Transfer Software

· Pan Card Service

· Bharat Bill Payment System

· mPOS Machine & Software

· Prepaid card

· Bus, Flight and Hotel Booking Software

· School Management System

You can add on all these services to your panel and can earn a commission on all the services.


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