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AEPS Business’

After the demonetization and digital India project, Indian government is emphasizing on digital payment. To achieve this milestone, the government started many banking modules, AEPS is one of them.

AEPS full form is Aadhaar enabled payment system. It is a bank-led module that allows all bank customers to use basic banking services. To use this system, customer's primary bank account must be linked with Aadhaar card.

To use banking services, customers just have to carry aadhaar card and fingerprint authentication. AEPS is playing vital role in financial inclusion in India over all sections of society.

This is the reason today…

mini atm machine
mini atm machine

Mini ATM as the name suggests is the micro version of ATMs that offer traditional banking services. As similar as ATMs, micro ATMs also offer all basic banking services like cash withdrawal, balance enquiry, and mini statement. Today thousands of merchant points are using a mini ATM machine to get payment and offer banking services.

Here in this article, we will discuss how mini ATMs is helping in financial inclusion and what are the benefits and features of these mATMs.

How Mini ATMs are helping in Financial Inclusion in India?

We are living in a technology era but still, there is a big portion of the population in India that…

aadhaar payment
aadhaar payment

Nowadays making payment online is as easy as clicking a button. What about those who are not aware of online payment? Aadhar payment acts as a savior for such people.

Still, there are more than 70% backward areas that are unknown to online payment modes. People in rural areas are also not aware of debit and credit cards.

To eliminate this problem, AEPS is playing a vital role. Anyone can perform basic bank transactions by using an Aadhar card linked to the respective bank account.

Ever heard about AEPS?

Let us elaborate the term below.

All About Aadhaar Payment

Aadhar Enable Payment System (AEPS)…

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What is Aadhar Card?

An Aadhar card is a 12 digit unique identity figure issued by the UIDAI –Unique Identification Authority of Indian residents. It is provided for free to every Indian resident after meeting certain identification conditions structured the Indian Authority. Every individual of India can enroll to have his or her Aadhar card regardless of age, gender or education. At the time of the enrollment process, the individual has to give his or her demographic and biometric information without paying any charge for the same. Aadhar Enrollment can be done only once and is valid for the whole lifetime. …

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Hey, are you planning to start your own brand CSP (Common Service Point) as an Admin & looking for an opportunity, then this is for you?

On the occasion of this festive season, Ezulix software is offering exciting offers on all software services.

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Is this exciting?

Yes, definitely.

Don’t wait, you can redeem this offer by two ways…

b2b portal in India
b2b portal in India

Hey, are you planning to start your own b2b and reseller business portal and looking for an opportunity?

If Yes, then this is for you.

Here I will tell you how can you start your own b2b or reseller admin portal in India at the lowest price?

Along with this, here we will discuss all the following points.

What is the difference between b2b & reseller portal?

What did You require to Start B2B & Reseller Business in India?

Which Company is Best to Start Business?

Which Services You Can Offer to Your Members?

So without wasting time, I come to the point.

What is the Difference Between B2B & Reseller Portal?

Before starting a business, we have to understand all required terms like b2b & reseller.

B2B stands for business to business. In this type of business, one business deals with another business. …

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The market is so competitive and you have to be advanced and alert to lead. Today here we will talk about AEPS services that how you can enhance your business growth by using Ezulix AEPS 2.0.

So without wasting time, I come to the point.

Today AEPS is the well known and aggressively used service in India for financial activities. AEPS service is started in 2016 by NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India) to avail banking and financial services to all sections of society.

AEPS stands for the Aadhaar enabled payment system. NPCI allows all banks and financial institutes to…

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Today AEPS is a well known digital India payment (AEPS) solution for online cashless transactions. Digital India payment AEPS allows all banks and financial institutions to operate banking and financial services using Aadhaar card. All bank customers can use basic banking services through AEPS using Aadhaar card and fingerprint authentication.

Digital India payment AEPS service is started by NPCI(National payment corporation of India ) in 2016. The main purpose of the AEPS service is to penetrate all banking and financial facilities to all sectors of society. AEPS service is helping people to use banking services without visiting banks or ATM.

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What is AEPS Settlement?

AEPS full form is Aadhaar enabled payment system. There are many levels on which people work for AEPS. Today here we will talk about AEPS settlement. So if you are working as an admin in the CSC industry and looking for an instant AEPS settlement provider company then this article is for you.

To understand the logic of the AEPS settlement, we have to go through the AEPS process. Basically AEPS service is used to withdraw cash. Whenever any customer does AEPS service for cash withdrawal, amount transfer from customers account’s to merchants account or we can say AEPS wallet…

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I know you all are so exciting to know about video KYC. This is a great way to Identify your member’s authenticity. Here we will learn step by step process of the video KYC.
So without wasting time, I come to the point. If you want to learn more about video KYC meaning, its advantage and features check out this article Updated Ezulix Admin Portal with Video KYC (New Feature).

Video KYC Process- Step by Step

Members can verify themself by following all the below steps.

  1. Download your admin app and apply for video KYC
  2. Fill your mobile no. linked with legal documents
  3. You will get…

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